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While we would like to be of use to our future colleagues, Harvard College Library’s Ask a Librarian service receives too many requests from library students to respond to each of them personally.

There are many knowledgeable librarians in the US and worldwide. You might consider writing to see if someone at one of the libraries listed here is able to give more assistance. If you’re interested in public libraries, you’ll want to contact a public library rather than an academic one like Harvard's. See the “Associations” tab in the Library and Information Science LibGuide below for the Public Library Association website.

The following online resources may be helpful to you.

Harvard-specific links:

Harvard Library Portal-  links to all 70+ Harvard libraries and special collections as well as our services, catalogs, databases and more.

Technology available to patrons–  computers, printers, scanners and multimedia systems inside the Harvard College Libraries.

Harvard University Information Technology Website-  information about the technology used by The Harvard Library (including professional schools) and Harvard College Library.

Harvard College Library Digitization Program- information about the project to build digital collections of selected materials in the  Harvard College Library.

Harvard Library e-resources statistics-  some numbers

Harvard Library Annual Reports- Since we’re in the midst of a major organizational transition, the most recent of these is 2009-2010. A new one was created for 2013 and is available here.

•Harvard Library Organizational Chart - The Harvard University Library system is in the midst of a major transition. We do not have up-to-date information for the public.

Other Resources:

The best accounting of academic library statistics, including Harvard's, is the Association for Research Libraries ARL Statistics.

Library of Congress FAQ

Library of Congress info just for librarians

•Deborah Bernnard, Head of the Dewey Graduate Library, State University of New York at Albany, has compiled an extensive guide for library and information science students. She has generously allowed us to share it here:

Library and Information Science LibGuide- This guide contains links to library associations (many of which have their own information pages which will be of use to you), reports, texts and other materials pertaining to Librarianship.

•Enter “library terminology” into Google for several good, free online resources like this glossary of Library and Information Science from ABC-Clio publishers.

If your assignment is unclear, we suggest you contact your instructor. Unfortunately, we are unable to help clarify your assignment.

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