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What is the difference between Hollis and Hollis Classic?

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2012  |  161 Views
Topics: Catalogs

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Briefly, the new HOLLIS offers a simpler, more "forgiving" search than Hollis Classic (e.g. authors can be searched firstname lastname or lastname firstname), and is good for general keyword searches. It does not provide the same precision as HOLLIS Classic.

Use HOLLIS for

  • Simple single search box
  • Relevance ranked results
  • Easy options to refine your search by library location, publication date, language, format, and more
  • Spelling corrections and variant spellings
  • More searchable Tables of Content than are available in HOLLIS Classic

HOLLIS Classic allows you to search or browse by call numbers, and search "exact phrases." Expanded Search makes it easier to do more complex searches by combining search words with "AND," "OR," and "NOT," and Command Search expands precision searching capabilities.

Use HOLLIS Classic for

  • More powerful advanced searching
  • Searching by phrase
  • Browsable lists of authors, titles, or subjects
  • Call number searching and browsing
  • Non-Roman character searching (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

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