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I just got a recall for a Widener book I desperately need. What happens if I don't return it?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2012  |  424 Views

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We do understand your frustration about having a book that you need recalled; it is very annoying to have to give up something that's crucial to your research!   However, if you don't return the book, you will be subject to fines and possible suspension of library privileges.

We do feel that our policy is fair and indiscriminate to all our patrons.  Widener allows materials to be checked out for extended periods of time as long as nobody else needs them.  To ensure fair access to all, the current recall practice, established by the University Faculty Committee, *guarantees* only 10 days of use for material; then any item charged to a patron, whether faculty, undergrad, graduate student, staff member, etc., is subject to recall for use by any other patron.

This was determined to be the fairest way to allow a patron who has the book enough time to speed up his/her research and still allow the next patron in need timely use of the material.  With free scanning now available in the libraries, most people are able to make do with the available time.  For a long-term research project, you can certainly request the book again when you return it, and the next person will have it for only 10 days at the outset.  You can also request another copy through Borrow Direct.

So, while we do sympathize with your frustration, we submit to your sense of reason and fairness, and hope you are able to return the book so the anxious person waiting to consult it will be able to do so. 


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